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Help me think of a new title for my services!

Originally posted February 7th 2020

Transcript below

Hello! I've been thinking and I really don't like the term "speech" for my services. I think when Deaf people see the word "speech" they think back to their own experiences of a militant SLP who only cared about speech and tried to oppress their signing. That's not what I do. That's not my services and that's not me.That's not my perspective. Most of my kids are signers and I'm supporting their language foundation, social skills, communication etc. I want to come up with a new term for my services. I've thought of "communication support" "language support." But, I'm not a native signer so I wanted to ask the Deaf community, native signers to help me create a new term for my services that more appropriately represents what I actually do. A term that can have a more positive connotation related to it. Please comment below or you can send me a dm of you signing too! Thank you for your help and support!

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