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New name for services and what's next!

Originally posted on February 11th 2020

Transcript below

Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for helping me brainstorm and create a new term for my services. A lot of you helped by commenting and sharing ideas, I just love it! I've decided to call my services "Language and Communication Support Services." I like that term and I feel it fits better with my perspective. I've also noticed something interesting. My posts of videos of me signing are popular, especially when compared to my text posts or even picture posts. I'm getting the idea that you all like my signing videos! I want to start a new video series and I have three ideas. The first is to expand and explain educational terms like IEP IFSP FAPE etc. And to explain exactly what they mean beyond just what they stand for. My second idea is to share games that I play with my kids. How to play them, what the rules are, and also how to encourage language with those games. The third idea is discussing the different areas of language. For example, grammar. What does grammar development look like? What errors are age appropriate? What errors should cause concern and potential require an assessment for a language disorder. So out of those three, let me know which one is interesting to you and I should start first!

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